CD and DVD Image Name Abbreviations:

These abbreviations were selected so images would sort alphabetically

by form, bark, twig, leaves, flowers, fruit, and fall color.

These name abbreviations are used in the database to sort plants so the

scientific names are in alphabetical order.

You can also use this code to quickly search for a genus and species in


AA01 = Name or Title Slide (Not on CD set)

AAA01 = Label

AAAT01 = Book Title pages (Not on CD set)

AAB01 = Description (Not on CD set)

AAD01 = Distribution

AAL01 = Illustration

AAM01 = Diseases, Mistletoe, and Environmental

                        or Physiological Problems

AAN01 = Insects, Animals and Birds

AB01 = Bulb

AF01 = Form

BA01 = Bark

DS01 = Stem

HT01 = Twigs and Buds

LF01 = Leaves or Needles

OF01 = Flowers

PR01 = Fruit

SA01 = Fall Color

Dates use 1st 3 letters of Month (ex. Jan, Feb)

Plant Names use: 1st 5 letters of the Genus name;

            the 1st 4 letters of the species name;

            the full name of the Cultivar, Subspecies,

                        Variety, Forma

A few plants will still have the full genus name used

and the Cultivar may be abbreviated.

Exceptions used where the first 5 letters of the genus are the same:

This list seems long, but it only includes over 100 genera in my list

of over 1000 genus names. A few species are also included. The fifth

letter is changed to keep the names alphabetical.


ABELA = Abelia


ACANU = Acanthus

ACERSACC=A. saccharinum

ACERSACH=A. saccharum


ACTIO = Actinostrobus


AMELS = x Amelasorbus


AMORS = Amorphophallus

AMPED = Ampelodesmos



ANDRP = Andropogon

ANDRS = Androsace


ANEMP = Anemonella

ANEMS = Anemonopsis


ANTHI = Anthericum


ARACN = Arachnoides


ARCTR = Arctotheca

ARCTS = Acrtotis

ARISD = Aristida



ARUNO = Arundo

AUSTC = Austrocedrus



CALAN = Calamintha

CALAO = Calandrina


CALLO = Callirhoe

CALLP = Callistephus

CALLR = Callitriche

CALLS = Callitris


CANNB = Cannabis


CASSO = Cassiope


CASTO = Castanopsis


CATHY = Cathaya


CENTT = Centratherum


CEPHH = Cephalotaxus

CEPHL = Cephalaria


CERAR = Ceratophyllum

CERCD = Cercidiphyllum



CHAMD = Chamaedaphne

CHAME = Chamaemelum


CHIOO = Chionochloa

CHIOP = Chionodoxa

CHIOS = x Chionoscilla


CHRYU = Chrysogonum

CHRYY = Chrysopsis


CORYU = Corylus

CRYPG = Cryptogramma


CUPRC = x Cupressocyparis



DIGIV = Digitaria


ECHIO = Echinaria

ECHIP = Echinochloa

ECHIR = Echinocystis

ECHIS = Echinodorus

ECHIT = Echinops


ERIOO = Eriophorum


ERYTO = Erythroxylum

EUCOI = Eucomis



GENTO = Gentianopsis

GYMNA = Gymnocarpium



HELIB = Helianthus


HELIH = Helictotrichon

HELIL = Heliophila


HELIT = Heliotropium

HELIU = Helipterum


HEUCL = x Heucherella


HYACE = Hyacinthella

HYACH = Hyacinthoides


HYDRS = Hydrastis

HYDRA = Hydrocharis

HYDRB = Hydrocleys

HYDRC = Hydrocotyle



LABUC = x Laburnocytisus


LEUCC = Leucocrinum

LEUCJ = Leucojum


LIRIP = Liriope


MICRY = Microcachrys


NEMOR = Nemophila


NOTHX = Nothotaxus


NYMPO = Nymphoides

OPHIG = Ophioglossum



PARRP = Parrotiopsis


PHYLM = Phylloglossum

PHYLO = Phyllostachys


PHYST = Physostegia

PLATC = Platycerium

PLATL = Platycladus


PLATZ = Platystemon

POLYA = Polygala

POLYE = Polygonatum



POLYR = Polypogon


PRUNUCERA=P. cerasifera

PRUNUCERF=P. cerasus

PSEUA = Psudolarix

PSEUB = Pseudosasa

PSEUC = Pseudotaxus



PTERK = Pteris

PTERN = Pterocarya


RHODC = Rhodochiton


RHODT = Rhodotypos


SALVN = Salvinia



SANGW = Sanguisorba


SCHIP = Schizachyrium

SCHIR = Schizanthus

SCHIT = Schizopetalon


SEQUA = Sequoia


SOLAD = Solandrea



SOLIS = x Solidaster


SORGU = Sorghum


SYMPM = Symphytum


TETRD = Tetradium


THALA= Thalia

TRICA = Tricholaena


VENIA = x Venidio-arctotis



VERBS = Verbesina


VEROS = Veronicastrum


   V. carlcephalum

VIBURCARL=V. carlesii


   V. rhytidophylloides


   V. rhytidophyllum

XANTA = Xanthisma

XANTC = Xanthium



ZIZAO = Zizaniopsis