Unit 74 (074)

1. Lupinus or Lupine

Lupines are poisonous to cattle and are a problem in the western United States. They

contain poisonous alkaloids in the seeds.

The plants grow 3 to 4 ft. tall and the leaves are palmately compound and divided into

8 to 16 lanceolate leaflets. The flowers are in showy spike like racemes that are up to 12 in. long.

2. Paeonia tenuifolia or Fringed Peony

The fringed peony is a 1 to 2 ft. herbaceous perennial with dissected fern like leaves

and showy red flowers. The flowers look like they are floating above the fine leaves


3. Aquilegia or Columbine

Columbines are 1 to 2 ft. plants with 5 showy petals that point upward and have

5 spurs with nectaries.

4. Dictamnus or Gas Plant

This Rutaceae or citrus family plant has a strong odor to the crushed foliage. It’s

common name refers to the fact that if you light a match under the flowers, you can

sometimes ignite the volatile oil in the flowers.