Unit 52 (052)

1. Salvia or Sage

The genus Salvia has over 750 species. Plants in cultivation include annuals and

perennials. We study a few key plants, but there are many more in cultivation.

Salvia argentea has beautiful white woolly basal leaves.

Salvia discolor has interesting purple to black flowers.

Salvia officinalis is the common perennial sage or medicinal sage. It has yellow and

purple variegated cultivars. The leaves are pebbly looking like a cat’s tongue or

basketball cover. Salvia sclarea or clary sage has large basal leaves with a similar

pebbly surface.

Salvia splendens has a persistent and colorful calyx after the petals fall off.

Salvia nemorosa, Salvia x superba, and Salvia sylvestris are closely related and

often confused.